Convention Symposium Materials

Last updated: March 4, 2022

Convention Symposium Materials

The following materials were presented as part of previous USTFCCCA Conventions during coaching symposium sessions. If you have more to share, please email

2021: Orlando, Florida

(NOTE: We are still in the process of adding more materials)

Speaker Topic Link
Tommy Badon Speed Reserve: A Practical Approach to Developing Long Sprints PDF
Sean Brady Utilizing Testing as a Pathway to Improve Jumpers PDF
John Gondak Middle Distance Training PDF
Jake Malm Progressing Careers in Multiple Throwing Events PDF
Dennis Mitchell A View From Pole Vault Heaven PDF
Alissa Rausch Developing Walk-Ons PDF
Boo Schexnayder Rehabilitation – What the Coach Should Know PDF
Boo Schexnayder Teaching Schemes for Acceleration & Maximal Velocity Mechanics PDF
Beth Alford-Sullivan Tips, Tricks & Trademarks for a Distance Coach’s Success PDF
Jim Sprecher Coaching the Multi-Event Long Jumper PDF
Matt Tholis Javelin Training – Considerations for Injury Prevention PDF

2020: Virtual Symposium Series

Speaker Topic Link
Vince Anderson Framework For 400m/400H Training Progressions PDF
Tommy Badon Mechanics of Speed PDF
Amy Deem Training For 100mH Hurdles PDF
Caryl Smith Gilbert Main Power Exercises To Develop Sprint Components PDF
John Gondak Middle Distance Training PDF
Lance Harter How To Build And Sustain Championships Teams PDF
Devon Hind
Petros Kyprianou
Ralph Lindeman Taking a “Sprint Approach” to Hurdle Training PDF
Jud Logan
Dana Pounds-Lyon Understanding The Javelin: Science And An Art PDF
Derek Miles
Amin Nikfar Shot Put: Fall Preparation PDF
Torrey Olson
Marcus O’Sullivan Preparation For The Middle-Distance Athlete PDF
Tom Pukstys Javelin For High School & Beyond PDF
Cliff Rovelto Use of Data in Guiding High Jump Development PDF
Irving “Boo” Schexnayder
Dennis Shaver 400 Meter Hurdle Training PDF
Jim Sprecher Training The Multi-Event Long Jumper PDF
Derek Stanley
Jon Tipton Fundamentals of the Discus Throw PDF
Kebba Tolbert
Dave Turnbull
Derek Yush Training For The Weight Throw PDF
Karim Abdel Wahab 400 Meters – Understanding & Development PDF
Chris Wineberg 400 Meter Training – Finding The Truth PDF

2019: Orlando, Florida

Speaker Topic Link
Gary Aldrich The Carnegie Mellon Approach To Discus Throwing PDF
Jenni Ashcroft Lessons From My Mentors (Multi Events) PDF
Daniel Caulfield Why Good Workouts May Not Be Effective PDF
Scott Christensen Physiological Trait Differences In Emerging Milers PPT
Ernie Clark Maximizing Potential In The 400 Meters PDF
Jamie Cook Hurdles – A Common Sense Approach To Training PDF
Ryan Dall Beginning Long Jump & Triple Jump PDF
Kevin Donner Coaching & Culture Of Men’s & Women’s Distance Program & Training Ideas PDF
Adrian Durant Training Considerations For The Elite 200-Meter Sprinter PDF
Mark’Quis Frazier Year-Long Approach To Developing Short Sprints & Short Hurdles PDF
Adrian Ghioroaie An Open Discussion On The Triple Jump PDF
Octavious Gillespie-Bennett Javelin – Keeping Speed PDF
Kris Grimes Connecting Pole Vault To The Jumps PDF
Jeff Hartwig Significant Factors Shared By Elite Vaulters PDF
Mike Holloway No Secrets – Q&A About Sprints & Hurdles PDF
Eric Houle Finding A Perfect Fit – Volume & Intensity PDF
Reuben Jones Horizontal Jump Fundamentals PDF
Peter Koumelelis Mental Preparation Considerations For Throwing Events PDF
Bill Lawson Managing Jump Training PDF
Victor Lopez Training Planning & Periodization PDF
Dana Lyon Understanding The Javelin – Seeing The Unseen PDF
Lindsey Malone Combined Events & Jumps: How To Do It All (And Then Some) PDF
Carol & Jim McLatchie National High School Champions: A Season In Review PDF
Peter Miller Training Throwers For Success Across Multiple Events PDF
Dennis Newell The Buy In PDF
John Oliver Planning A Cross Country Training Block PDF
Nathan Ott Building Trust, Faith & Confidence In Throwers PDF
Angelo Posillico Power Development Away From The Ring PDF
Collin Post Hammer Throw Progressions For Beginners PDF
Calvin Robinson Sprint Training Design & Its Effect On Championship Racing PDF
Mike Rohl Festivus For The Rest Of Us – Coaching The Average College Distance Runner PDF
Garry Rosenfield Managing Up PDF
James Snyder Establishing & Maintaining A Program Culture PDF
Jon Stuart Coaching The Dual Hurdler PDF
Diljeet Taylor Thin To Win? The Myth Of What It Takes To Be A Successful Distance Runner PPT
Simone Terry Coaching The Multi-Sport Athlete PDF
Leah Thomas Nutrition Considerations For Runners PDF
Eric Vance Solving The Deceleration Problem In The Horizontal Jumps PDF
June Villers The 4×100 Relay: Let’s Get It Started PDF
Jason Wakenight Polarized Training For The Long Sprinter – From Good To Great At Iowa PDF
Mellanee Welty Coaching The High Jump PDF

2018: San Antonio, Texas

Speaker Topic Link
Sean Brady A Pragmatic Approach To Teaching Long Jump PDF
Dee Brown Managing a Championship XC Program PDF
Scott Cappos Exercise Inventory & Program Design For Throwing Events PDF
Ryan Cole Distance Program Principles PDF
John Foss Building An Annual Plan With Buy In PDF
Todd Gongwer Leading Up PDF
Kris Grimes Adding Speed To Flight – Building The Common Takeoff PDF
Artie Gulden “Good to Great” Applied to Coaching PDF
Clyde Hart Speed Development PDF
Clendon Henderson Building Blocks For Hammer Throwing PDF
Brandon Hon Short Sprints & Hurdles: Training Philosophy & Implementation PDF
Lucais MacKay Training The Weight Unconventionally PDF
Casey Malone Finding Your Style In The Discus Throw PDF
Marshall Milbrath Beyond The Workouts: Takeaways From Research On Successful Coaching PDF
Dennis Mitchell High Expectations In The Pole Vault PDF
Nathan Ott Designing Effective Hammer Programs PDF
Chris Parno Purpose-Driven Coaching In The Sprint Events PDF
Steve Rainbolt Building A Successful Program Environment PDF
Mohamad Saatara Training Strategies For A Successful Throws Program PDF
Hassaan Stamps Technical Considerations In The Jumps PDF
Scott Steffan Pole Vault Approach PDF
April Thomas The Foundations Of Javelin Throwing PDF
Kebba Tolbert Developing Championship Culture In Your Team & Training Group PDF
Angie Torain Athlete Misconduct Do’s & Don’ts | Working With Your Campus SAAC PDF | PDF
Dr. Ralph Vernacchia, Ph.D. Coaching The Millenial Track & Field Athlete | Overcoming The Performance Fears of Track & Field Athletes PDF | PDF
Eric Werskey Back Of The Ring: Shot Put Balance PDF
Dr. Michael Whittlesey, Ph.D. Speed Development In Distance Runners PDF

2017: Phoenix, Arizona

Speaker Topic Link
Randy Ballard Facilitating Integrated and Collaborative Performance Teams for Athlete Support and Success PDF
Brian Bedard Discus: Separation for Success PDF
Andrea Blackett Training for the Hurdle Events PDF
Bob Braman Planning the Distance Macrocycle PDF
Dr. Matthew Buns The Role of Feedback in Skill Acquisition PDF
Justin Byron Holistic Athlete Development PDF
Davian Clarke Coaching the 400 Sprints PDF
Jerry Clayton The Throws: An Open Discussion PDF
T.J. Crater Training for Multiple Throwing Events PDF
Nate Davis Developing Combined Event Athletes in the Collegiate System PDF
David Dumble The Importance of The Block in the Javelin, Shot and Discus PDF
Landon Evans Mitigating Hamstring Injuries PDF
Landon Evans Nutritional Considerations & Strategies for Power Speed Athletes PDF
Nicole Farr Perspectives on Team Culture and Defining Success PDF
Houston Franks 1500 Meter Training PDF
Randy Gillon Technical Considerations for the 100 Meter Hurdles PDF
Sarah Hopkins Developing Walk-Ons PDF
Quincy Howe A Triple Jump Journey – Evaluation, Implementation, Execution PDF
Iggy Ignaczak The Basics of Progressive High Jump Training PDF
Erik Jenkins The Disciplined Development of Relays PDF
Carrie Lane Effective Strength Training for the High School Track & Field Athlete PDF
Todd Lane Final Step Mechanics in the Long Jump PDF
Sasha Leeth Director of Operations Timeline PDF
Jeff Messer Endurance Training: Current Science & Application to Training Program Design PDF
Derek Miles Concepts of Efficiency in the Pole Vault PDF
Peter Miller Talent Selection and Development of the Hammer Throw PDF
Stephen Munz Motivating Athletes Holistically – The Virginia Tech Pole Vault Philosophy PDF
Dennis Newell Coaching the 800 Meters: A Tale of Two Athletes PDF
Dennis Newell Training Design: A Low Mileage Training Approach to Successful 5K and 10K Performances PDF
Amin Nikfar Teaching Feeling in the Hammer Using Varied Weighted Implements PDF
Marcus O’Sullivan VO2 and Its Implications To Distance Running PDF
Dan Pfaff Sport Injuries: Patterns, Trends and Current Thinking PDF
Louie Quintana Effectively Meeting the Demands of a Distance Race PDF
Steve Rainbolt Coaching The High Jump PDF
Mike Rohl Establishing Race Models and Race Selection Sequence PDF
Duane Ross Building the 100 Meter Sprinter for the 100 Meter Race PDF
Mike Sergent Effects of Over-Rotation in Rotational Shot Putting PDF
Dennis Shaver Teaching Progression of The Phases in the 100 Meters PDF
Joe Van Gilder Developing Speed PDF
Danny Wilkerson Benchmarking Matrix for Height Potential in the Pole Vault PDF

2016: Orlando, Florida

Speaker Topic Link
Vince Anderson Considerations in 400-Meter Hurdles Training ZIP
Michele Curcio A Holistic Approach to Javelin Training – What Can You Do When Not Throwing? PDF
Benjamin Richard Dalton Refined Refinement of the Process PDF
Nick Davis Overcoming Psychological Barriers to Success: Practical Applications for Reaching Peak Performance PDF
Nathan Fanger Creating Discus Separation & Coaching the Discus ZIP
Sean Graham Developing Three-Season Athletes PDF
Brad Hackett A Comprehensive Analysis of Triple Jump Technique and Drills & How to Talk to a Student Athlete about Non-Sport Related Issues and Other Thoughts from a 30+ Year College Track Coach ZIP
Lee LaBadie Middle Distance Racing PDF
Carrie Lane Implementing a Strength and Power Training Program for Endurance Runners PDF
Boo Schexnayder Technical Training and Peaking: Battling The 8-Hour Rule PDF
Boo Schexnayder Yearlong Management of Horizontal Jumpers PDF
Katie Souviney Coaching the Rotational Shot Put PDF
Kevin Sullivan Worst to First: Rebuilding a Championship Athlete PDF
Kebba Tolbert An Approach to Developing Specific Endurance in the Sprints and Hurdles PDF
Jim Vahrenkamp Diagnosing, Understanding and Solving Hamstring Injuries: Practical Concepts and Strategies for Dealing with Major Setbacks PDF
Doug Watts Coaching Old School Cross Country 1 | 2
Stacie Wentz Training for the Steeplechase PDF
Derek Yush Psychology of the Throws Athlete PDF

2015: San Antonio, Texas

Speaker Topic Link
Martha Brennan Creative Training for Injured Athletes PDF
Chris Campbell Javelin Training, Drills, and Technique PDF
Scott Christensen Fatigue Determines Endurance Performance PDF
Desmond Durham 800m Training & Race Tactics PDF
Andy Eggerth Restoration in the Speed/Power Events PDF
Dave Emmans The Changing Dynamics of Volume, Intensity and Density PDF
Francesca Green Women Coaching Men and Advice for Young Female Coaches PDF
Rick Hammer Training Today’s Cross Country Athlete PDF
Ronnye Harrison Progress Through Progression – A Biomotor Success Story PDF
Lance Harter Development the Arkansas Way – Evolving the Average Athlete to Elite Status PDF
Mike Holloway Coaching Relays PDF
Petros Kyprianou Combined Events Training PDF
Ralph Lindeman Training with Respect for Contemporary 100/110 Hurdle Technical Models PDF
Brian Mondschein Commonalities of Throws in Combined Events PDF
Ethan Ostrom Shin Splints: Application of Injury Prevention Strategies PDF
Angelina Ramos The Communication Side of Coaching & Leadership PDF
Stanley Redwine Training for the 800 PDF
Clive Roberts My Evolution of Developing the 400m Runner – Why Stamina Development is Important PDF
Mark Rodriquez Psychology of the Throws PDF
Lisa Senakiewich Developing a Cross Country Team at MSU PDF
Derek Stanley Individualizing Training Based on Lactate Testing PDF
James Thomas Approaching the High Jumper PDF
April Thomas Technical Refinements for the Throws – When and How PDF
Katie Wagner Coaching Effectiveness and Why It Matters PDF
Derek Yush Effective Use of Video in the Throws PDF

2014: PHOENIX, Ariz.

Speaker Topic Link
Scott Christensen The Lactate Dilemma in Middle Distance Training PDF
John Gondak Training Middle Distance Runners PDF
Andrea Grove-McDonough The Anatomy of a Cross Country Season PDF
Inigo San Milan The Scientific Preparation and Monitoring of the Elite Athlete PDF
Paul Spangler Power and its Role in Distance Training PDF
Moose Akanno Balancing Combined Event Training PDF
Chris Beene Arranging Practices for Multiple Events PDF
Tom Hays The Art of Coaching the Pole Vault PDF
Dave Kerin Curve Radius in the High Jump PDF
Boo Schexnayder Peaking the Jumper PDF
Berry Shumpert Triple Jump Development from the Ground Up PDF
Terry VanLaningham The High Jump PDF
Shawn Wilbourn Speed Training for the Combined Event PDF
Erik Jenkins 400 Training PDF
Marc Mangiacotti Hurdle Rhythm: The Search for the Holy Grail PDF
Dan Pfaff Current Trends in Sprint Mechanics PDF
Caryl Smith Gilbert Periodization & Practice Planning PDF
Curtis Taylor Task Specificity in Testing and Training Max Velocity PDF
Kebba Tolbert Training the 400m Hurdler PDF
Dave Dumble Preparing Throwers for Championship Meets PDF
Kurt Dunkel Form Follows Function PDF
Pat Ebel Javelin Training PDF
John Frazier The Spin Shotput Technique: An Evaluation of a few Top Collegiate Throwers PDF
Janine Kuestner Training for the Discus PDF
Dan Pfaff Common Technical Components for the Throws PDF
Dr. Brenda Buffington Nutrition Essentials PDF
Fred Harvey Being All You Can Be As a Coach: A Philosophical Approach to Successful Coaching PDF
Dr. Kim McCallum Identifying the Signs of Eating Disorders in Athletes PDF
Gary Wilson Building a Program from the Ground Up PDF

2013: Orlando, Fla.

Speaker Topic Link
Vince Anderson Maximal Velocity Mechanics and Cuing PDF
Lou Andreadis Teaching Processes in the Pole Vault PDF
Tommy Badon Acceleration: Mechanics, Drills, Synthesis PDF
Kevin Brown Acceleration and Max Speed Mechanics in the PV PDF
Al Carius, Chris Wheaton,
Frank Garamosso
Transitioning from XC to Track PDF
Scott Christensen Lactate Tolerance or Lactate Efficiency? Which Factor Decides the Mile? PDF
Michele Curcio Working From the Ground Up – Runway Drills and Mechanics for the Javelin PDF
Tim Connelly Notre Dame’s Women’s XC Training PDF
Ryun Godfrey 800 Meter Training PDF
Clyde Hart 400 Training Baylor Style PDF 1/PDF2
Karen Harvey Women’s Health Issues PDF
Eric Heins Balancing Speed Development with Aerobic Training PDF
Lucky Huber Power Training for Jumpers PDF
Todd Lane Applied Mechanical/Movement Principles PDF
Ralph Lindeman Coaching Todays Generation of Athletes PDF
Damon Martin Training the 5K Runner PDF
Damion Mclean Developing Women Triple Jumpers PDF
Dennis Newell Adapting Coaching to Fit Your Team PDF
Nic Petersen Technical Aspects of the Long Jump PDF
Lynden Reder Confessions of a Young Throws Coach PDF
Calvin Robinson Balancing Work and Rest in the Competition Season PDF
Charles Ryan Maximizing Hurdle Talent- Be an Artist PDF
Mohamad Sataara Technical Variations in Rotational Shot Putting PDF
Boo Schexnayder Advanced Uses of Circuit Training PDF
Mike Sergent Feel the Ball: A Hammer Drill Buffet PDF
April Smith Gender Differences in Throws Coaching PDF
Jim Van Hootegem Training the Multiple Event Athlete PDF
Derek Yush Physical Training Effects in the Throws PDF

2012: Orlando, Fla.

Speaker Topic Link
Vince Anderson Thoughts on Developing a 4 x 100 m Team PDF
Sheldon Blockburger Arizona High Jump PDF
Tonja Buford-Bailey 400 Hurdles
Scott Cappos Technical Varitions in Throwing Technique for Men & Women PDF
Scott Cappos Use of variable weight implements PDF
Al Carius, Frank Gramorrso, Frank Wheaton Creating a Team Culture PDF
Scott Christensen Aerobic Capacity or Aerobic Efficiency? A Look at Race Dependent Models PDF
Amy Deem Sprint Hurdles
Mark Elliot Coaching the 800 PDF
Ronald Grigg 400 meter Training PDF
Brett Halter Glide Shot Put
Lance Harter Developing Confidence for the Middle Distances PDF
John Kennison Glide Conversion to Rotational Shot Put PDF
Petros Kyprianou Utilizing Mechanical Advantages in the Weightroom PDF
Carrie Lane Teaching the Hammer from Scratch PDF
Todd Lane Training Multiple Events at One Time PDF
Cary Larson Hungry For What? Empowerment Against Eating Disorders PDF
Dan Lefever Considerations in Coaching the Combined Events PDF
Ralph Lindeman Approach run precepts PDF
Mark Lewis, NCAA Opening Session Keynote Speech PDF
Kris Mack Long Run / Short Run – Bungee/Bar – Training Ideas for the Pole Vault PDF
Wendell McCraven 10K Training PDF
Kathleen Raske Program Management PDF
Gabe Sanders Growing as a Sprints Coach: Common Mistakes along the Way and Their Value PDF
Boo Schexnayder Managing Your Group PDF
Boo Schexnayder The Science & Periodization of Speed Development PDF
Patrick Shane 800 Training PDF
Patrick Shane Steeplechase Training PDF
Carl Sheffield Postural Integrity and its effects on Front-side Sprint Mechanics
Peter Stanley Compare & Contrast Short Sprinting with Horizontal Jumps Approach PDF
Peter Stanley Engineering a World-Class Triple jumper
Nathan Taylor Angle In – Angle Out & Technique Implications in Triple Jump PDF
Mike Turk A Discus Journey PDF
Joey Woody Incorperating Speed, Power & Strength Development into your program PDF
Gary Wilson & Sarah Hesser Distance Running: Parents & Student Athletes – How to make the transition from high school star to college athlete PDF
Cory Young Throws PDF
Derek Yush Commonalities of the Throws PDF

2011: San Antonio, Texas

Speaker Topic Links
Scott Abbott Coaching the 800 Meters PDF
Scott Cappos Strength Development for the Throws PDF
supplemental videos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17
Jerry Clayton Javelin Throwing PDF
Jerry Clayton The Throws: Balance and Rhythm PDF
Sean Cleary West Virginia Running PDF
TJ Crater Drills/Technical Points for Establishing Balance and Separation in Rotational Shot PDF
Andy Eggerth Improved Cueing for Enhanced Skill Acquisition in the Sprints PDF
Houston Franks Training for 10,000m PDF
Vern Gambetta Matters of Coaching & Coaching Matters PDF
Vern Gambetta Elements of Speed Development (High School) PDF
Randy Gillon Technical Considerations for the Men’s Sprint Hurdles PDF
Lonnie Greene 400-Meter Training PDF
Don Helberg High School High Hurdling PDF
Rob Lasorsa Basic Movements for the Beginner Discus Thrower PDF
Rob Lasorsa Shot Put Glide (High School) PDF
James Li Topics on Coaching Distance Runners PDF
Jud Logan Hammer Throw Techniques PDF
Mike Maynard Factors Influencing Hammer Acceleration PDF
Mike Maynard Glide Shot Put: Technique, Teaching Progressions, and Drills PDF
supplemental videos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
Jennifer Michel Developing the Steeplechaser PDF
Jim Pennington Coaching Wellness: A Way of Life PDF
Nic Petersen Pole Vault: Thinking Horizontal to Get Vertical PDF
Gina Procaccio Training The Female Distance Runner PDF
Cliff Rovelto Does the Capability of Mastering a Given Motor Skill Exist? PDF
Boo Schexnayder Fixing the Second Phase: The Triple Jump Nightmare PDF
Boo Schexnayder Speed and Ancillary Training for the Distance Events PDF
Dennis Shaver Annual Planning and Implementing Women Sprint Hurdle Training PDF
Caryl Smith-Gilbert Power Development Solutions PDF
James Thomas Training Considerations for the Combined Events PDF
Steve Thomas The Mechanics of the High Jump and Training PDF
Kebba Tolbert Acceleration: Philosophy, Mechanics, & Training Strategies PDF
Joe Walker Coaching the Long Jump: A Holistic Approach PDF
supplement: Brittney Reese sample workout (PDF)
Gary Wilson & Sarah Hesser Managing Large Teams at the Collegiate Level PDF
supplement: Minnesota policy sheet (PDF)
supplement: “Zone of Discipline” (PDF)
Mike Young Breaking Barriers to Sprint Performance PDF

2010: San Antonio, Texas

Presenter Presenation File
Don Babbitt, Georgia Comprehensive Javelin Training PDF
Don Babbitt, Georgia Overview of Throwing Events (Academy) PDF
Don Babbitt, Georgia Power Training for Sport PDF
Scott Christensen The Profiling and Preparation of an Elite Junior Miler PDF
David Dumble, Arizona State Habits in the Discus and Shot PDF
Vern Gambetta Designing and Implementing Effective Workouts: Revisiting the Microcycle & Training Session PDF
Vern Gambetta Strength/Power Training for Mid-Distance and Distance PDF
Clyde Hart, Baylor 400 Meter Training Program PDF
Clyde Hart, Baylor 400 Meter Sample Workouts PDF
Tom Hays, Kansas Things to Think About, Pole Vault 101 PDF
Jud Logan, Ashland Maximize Strength Gains PDF
Mark Maas Building Your Team Into A Family PDF
Rick McGuire, Missouri & Jen Artioli, Missouri Psychological Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete PDF
Marcus O’Sullivan, Villanova Middle-Distance Training PDF
Boo Schexnayder Meet Day Management PDF
Boo Schexnayder Rotational & Oscillatory Factors in Locomotive Mechanics PDF
Boo Schexnayder Weight Training for Speed & Power PDF
Al Schmidt, Mississippi State Profiling For 800 Meters Training Design PDF
Mike Sergent, South Carolina Discus Technique and Training PDF
Jerry Smith Identifying Revenue Sources for Your Program PDF
Jerry Smith Engauging Alumni PDF
Kebba Tolbert, UTEP Women’s Sprinting – Therapeutic Considerations for Speed & Power Development PDF
Derek Yush, LSU Annual Plans for the Hammer Throw PDF

2009: Orlando, Fla.

Presentation Presenter Format
“Running Not Slow” Dr. Paul Copesky WMV (54 MB)
“Setting Up a Jump Training Program” Jack Warner, Purdue PDF
“Challenges in Transition from Weight to Hammer” Jerry Clayton, Auburn PDF
“Motivating the 21st Century Athlete” Dr. Jeff Duke PDF
“High Jump: Beyond the Basics – Anatomy of Elite Performance and Elite Testing Data” Cliff Rovelo, Kansas State PDF
“Getting the Injured Back on Track” Steve Smith, Athletes Performance PDF
“Training Inventory & Structure for Jump Athletes” Todd Lane, LSU PDF
“Endurance Training for the 400” Mike Holloway, Florida PDF