November Issue of Techniques Magazine Now Online

November Issue of Techniques Magazine Now Online

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November 2010, Number 2


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  • pg. 12, Warming Up: Designing an effective pre-activitiy routine for the thrower
    by Lawrence W. Judge, Ph.D., CSCS
  • pg. 20, On Your Marks: Correct Starting Block Set Up for an Efficient and Effective Acceleration
    by Andy Eggerth
  • pg. 29, The Complexity of the Triple Jump
    by Eli Sunquist
  • pg. 34, Finesse in Javelin Throwing
    by Andreas V. Maheras, Ph.D.
  • pg. 42, A Zone of Discipline
    by Gary Wilson
  • pg. 50, Going the Distance: What coaches need to know about transition phases for long-distance runners
    by Mike Elder