Collegiate Track & Field Weekend Review: February 28, 2011

Collegiate Track & Field Weekend Review: February 28, 2011

Super conference weekend for indoor track & field in all three of the NCAA’s divisions left us with many, many headlines, many conference championships, and a few new collegiate-leading marks, and a world junior record.

Conference Championships in the Great West Conference, The Summit League, and the Sun Belt Conference conclude Monday.

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Week’s Best Marks

(week ending February 27, 2011, marks are raw, unconverted)

60m D’Angelo Cherry JR Mississippi State 6.54 A =CL
200m Tony McQuay SO Florida 20.61
400m Kirani James SO Alabama 44.80 WJR, WL, CL
500m Mike Eddy SR Princeton 1:02.74
600yd Tabarie Henry SR Texas A&M 1:08.71
600m Harun Abda SO Minnesota 1:17.35 CL
800m Michael Rutt SR Connecticut 1:47.41
1000m Peter Callahan SO Princeton 2:22.94
Mile Elliott Heath JR Stanford 4:00.52 OT
3000m Lawi Lalang FR Arizona 7:54.32 OT
5000m Miles Unterreiner JR Stanford 13:48.13 OT
60mH Terence Somerville JR Cincinnati& 7.63 A CL
Keiron Stewart SO Texas 7.66 D1L
4x400m Arkansas 3:05.13 CL
Ben Skidmore, Marek Nitt, Chris Bilbrew, Neill Braddy
4x800m Columbia 7:28.64
Dylann Isaccson, Matt Stewart, Sam Miner, Jeff Moriarty
DMR Oregon 9:26.78 CL
Mac Fleet, Mike Berry, Elijah Greer, Matthew Centrowitz
HJ Derek Drouin JR Indiana 2.26m^ 7-5
PV Stephan Munz SO Virginia Tech 5.41m 17-9
LJ Ngoni Makusha JR Florida State 8.15m 26-9 CL
TJ Christian Taylor JR Florida 17.36m 56-11½ CL
SP Luke Pinkelman JR Nebraska 20.07m 65-10¼
WT Walter Henning SR LSU 22.45m^ 73-8
PENT Brian Thill JR UW Stevens Point** 3592^
HEPT Miller Moss SR Clemson 5,881^
60m LaKya Brookins SR South Carolina 7.14 CL
200m Kimberlyn Duncan SO LSU 22.78 CL
400m Jessica Beard SR Texas A&M 51.68 CL
500m Ana Groff SO Connecticut 1:13.35
600yd Kendra Chambers SO Texas 1:19.16 CL
600m Bethany Praska SR Iowa 1:28.99
800m Christina Rodgers SR Arizona 2:04.04 OT
1000m Marielle Hall FR Texas 2:46.40
Mile Jordan Hasay SO Oregon 4:35.28^
3000m Jackie Areson SR Tennessee 9:10.49
5000m Anna Nosenko SR Wake Forest 16:09.64
60mH Christina Manning JR Ohio State 8.01 CL
4×400 Arkansas 3:31.01
Gwendolyn Flowers, Regina George, Shelise Williams, Whitney Jones
4×800 Princeton 8:43.16
Greta Feldman, Molly Higgins, Kristin Smoot, Alexis Mikaelian
DMR Tennessee 11:05.37
Brittany Sheffey, Ashley Harris, Chanelle Price, Jackie Areson
HJ Brigetta Barrett SO Arizona 1.92m 6-3½ CL
PV Tina Sutej JR Arkansas 4.54m 14-10¾ CR, CL
LJ Kim Williams SR Florida State 6.55m 21-6
TJ Kim Williams SR Florida State 13.96m 45-9¾ CL
SP Faith Sherrill SR Indiana 17.73m^ 58-2
WT Jeneva McCall JR Southern Illinois 22.36m^ 73-4½
PENT Chantae McMillan SR Nebraska 4,287^

Fresh Faces: A Look at the Week’s Top Marks Produced by Freshmen

60m Dentarius Locke Tennessee 6.67p^
200m Dentarius Locke Tennessee 21.02 FRL
400m Neill Braddy Arkansas 46.03 FRL
500m Billy Kovelczyk Columbia 1:03.60
600yd Dominque Manley Kansas 1:12.02
600m Tyler Woloszyk Wisconsin 1:19.32
800m Anthony Kostelac Virginia 1:49.24 FRL
1000m James Shirvell Yale 2:23.85
Mile Alexander Hatz Wisconsin 4:05:21p^
3000m Lawi Lalang Arizona 7:54.32 FRL, CWB
5000m Erik Olson Stanford 13:59.87 OT FRL
60mH Eddie Lovett Florida 7.73 FRL
HJ James Harris Mississippi State 2.25m 7-4½ FRL
PV Kyal Meyers Texas Tech 5.30m 17-4½ FRL
LJ Justin Hunter Tennessee 7.72m^ 25-4
TJ Mark Jackson Texas 15.68m^ 51-5½
SP Stephen Saenz Auburn 19.15m^ 62-10
WT Davis Fraker Illinois 20.59m^ 67-6¾
PENT Nick Geiger UW Stevens Point** 3,146
HEPT Japheth Cato Wisconsin 5,742
60m Aurieyall Scott UCF 7.24 =FRL
200m Ashley Collier Texas A&M 23.64
400m Brianna Nelson Texas 52.18
500m Ketsia Dornevil Delaware State 1:14.88
600yd Ellie Grooters Nebraska 1:20.90 FRL
600m Amelia Bannister Michigan State 1:29.79
800m Laura Roesler Oregon 2:04.93 OT FRL
1000m Marielle Hall Texas 2:46.40
Mile Cory McGee Florida 4:41.10
3000m Megan Goethals Washington 9:18.28 OT
5000m Caitie Meyer Dartmouth 16:34.47
60mH Tiffani McReynolds Baylor 8.11 FRL
HJ Shanay Briscoe Texas 1.82m 5-11½ =FRL
PV Sandi Morris North Carolina 4.05m^ 13-3½
Ariane Beaumont-Courteau Akron 4.05m^ 13-3½
Petra Olsen South Carolina 4.05m 13-3½
Merritt Van Meter North Carolina 4.05m 13-3½
LJ Mara Griva Nebraska 6.35m 20-10 FRL
TJ Mara Griva Nebraska 13.20m 43-3¾ FRL
SP Anna Jelmini Arizona State 16.40m^ 53-9¾
WT Ida Storm UCLA 20.70m 67-11 FRL
PENT Fabia McDonald Mississippi 3,922 FRL

^ Athlete/relay has a better mark this season

* NCAA Division II Institution

** NCAA Division III Institution

~ NAIA Institution

# Junior College

& school does not sponsor indoor track & field as an NCAA sport, but does participate in competitions as a collegiate team and are subject to all eligibility requirements required by the NCAA

A – Performance occurred at altitude

OT – Performance occurred on an oversized track; not-eligible for WL/CLs

WL – World-leading mark

WJR – World-junior record

CL – Collegiate-leading mark

D2L – NCAA Division II-leading mark

CWB – Current Week’s Best all-around mark

FRL – National collegiate freshman-leading mark