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USTFCCCA All-Time Lists and Records Policy

The USTFCCCA maintains listings of the all-time best performances in collegiate history. Our collegiate all-time lists includes best marks by eligible student-athletes who attended NCAA or NAIA four-year colleges and universities at the time of their performance. The listing policy is set by the USTFCCCA Communications Office.

Only performances that occurred prior to the end of the NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships in a given year are considered in-season and listed as the official bests. November and December track performances are eligible for in-season listings provided the athlete uses a year of eligibility for the sport in question in the following calendar year.

Performances from outside the collegiate season (^) are shown on a supplemental list. Any performance is eligible for the supplemental list provided the athlete 1) used a year of eligibility for the sport in question within the calendar year in which the performance occurred or 2) has eligibility remaining for the sport and has used a year of eligibility some time prior to the calendar year in question. Those who are known to have gained professional status (P) prior to the performance are marked.

Conforming to international standards, indoor performances on an oversized track (OT) are not eligible for the official list and are placed on a supplemental list. Same too for performances (w) in which the wind reading exceeds 2.0 meters-per-second (m/s). Combined events performances on an oversized track or that has been marked as wind-aided are not kept off official lists, but they are marked as such. A combined event performance is considered wind aided if the wind reading in one horizontal event is greater than 4.0 m/s or the average of the wind readings is greater than 2.0 m/s.

Performances that occur at meets featuring only one event or a one event group are not eligible for the official lists and are considered to be exhibition performances.

Other policies and guidelines apply.

Many sources aid in building these lists, but mistakes and omissions occur. Corrections and additions are welcome. Contact Tom Lewis with the USTFCCCA to report.


Currently, the top 10 performers and performances are tracked. Our hope is to expand the listing to at least 25 performers and 25 performances in the near future.

Additional Markings:
( ) – Individual’s ranking on the all-time list.

{ } – Individual’s performance ranking on list (i.e. Dix {4}, Dix’s fourth-best performance on the list in question.

[ ] – Final round ranking

+ – Performance occurred en route to a longer distance in track events or as a supplemental mark in a field event in which a better performance occurred in the round in question.

A – Performance occurred at altitude (a location that surpasses 1000 meters above sea level)

a-c: – All-time ranking on all-conditions list (i.e. (a-c:16,25), the 25th-best performance on the
all-conditions list by the 16th-best all-conditions performer)

c – Converted from an English distance (i.e. 880 yards, two miles, etc.)

CB – Performance occurred during a combined event

e – Performance was measured in English (feet and inches). Performance is listed in line with the metric equivalent.

h – Hand-timed performance. Time listed is the raw reported time, but performance is placed on list where standard hand-timed conversion would apply. For events under 400 meters, 0.24 seconds is the standard addition, 0.14 seconds for events 400 meters. For events longer than 400 meters. Hand times are listed inferior to fully-automated times sharing the same time in tenths.

J – Athletes with international U20 status when performance occurred. Formally known as junior status.

q – Performance occurred during a non-final or qualifying round.