NCAA DI Cross Country Individual Academic Awards – 2015
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NCAA DI XC All-Academic Athletes

NCAA DI Cross Country Individual Academic Awards – 2015

NEW ORLEANSMolly Seidel continues a trend.

Sean McGorty adds to Stanford’s legacy.

Both Seidel and McGorty were honored on Friday as NCAA Division I Scholar Athletes of the Year for the 2015 cross country season by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).


2014: Kate Avery, Iona
2013: Abbey D’Agostino, Dartmouth
2012: Abbey D’Agostino, Dartmouth
2011: Sheila Reid, Villanova
2010: Sheila Reid, Villanova
2009: Angela Bizzarri, Illinois
2008: Tasmin Fanning, Virginia Tech
2007: Jenny Barringer, Colorado
2006: Jenny Barringer, Colorado

Seidel is the sixth woman in the past seven years — third in a row — to win an NCAA XC title and be named Scholar Athlete of the Year that same calendar year. She joins Iona’s Kate Avery (2014), Dartmouth’s Abbey D’Agostino (2013), Villanova’s Sheila Reid (2011, 2010) and Illinois’ Angela Bizzarri (2009) in that exclusive sorority.

A senior from Hartland, Wisconsin, Seidel has a 3.525 GPA and is majoring in anthropology with a supplementary major in Arts & Letters pre-health. Seidel is the first Notre Dame athlete to win the award.

McGorty, a junior from Fairfax, Virginia, is the third male athlete from Stanford to earn the distinction of Scholar Athlete of the Year. Chris Derrick won twice (2010, 2011) and Neftalem Araia took home the honor in 2006, the first year of the award.


2014: Edward Cheserek, Oregon
2013: Andrew Colley, NC State
2012: Anthony Rotich, UTEP
2011: Chris Derrick, Stanford
2010: Chris Derrick, Stanford
2009: David McNeill, Northern Arizona
2008: Galen Rupp, Oregon
2007: Galen Rupp, Oregon
2006: Neftalem Araia, Stanford

At the NCAA Division I Cross Country Championships, McGorty — who has a 3.47 GPA and is majoring in management science and engineering — placed seventh overall to help the Cardinal to a third-place team finish.

While McGorty and Seidel stood out, their peers’ accomplishments shouldn’t be overlooked. In total, there were 160 women and 90 men who were named USTFCCCA All-Academic. In order for a student-athlete to qualify for the honor, they must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 and finished in the top-25 (or 10 percent) at regionals or as an All-American at the national meet.

Twenty women on the list had perfect GPAs (4.00), compared to four men.

Of the 40 All-Americans from each gender that were crowned in Louisville, Kentucky, 33 women and 16 men found their way onto these lists.

Of the 205 women’s teams that had at least one honoree, there were four teams that had five — 2015 champion New Mexico, Georgetown, Oklahoma State and Vanderbilt. (Edit: late addition University of Rochester had a nation-best seven honorees).

Edit: Six men’s teams shared the national lead for most honorees: Michigan, Lamar, Oklahoma State, Furman, Iona and Stanford.

The full list of student-athletes honored by the USTFCCCA can be found below.


Dallin Farnsworth Brigham Young University
Aaron Fletcher Brigham Young University
Will Sheeran Brown University
Jerrell Mock Colorado State University
Jefferson Abbey Colorado State University
Tait Rutherford Columbia University
Dominic DeLuca Cornell University
Daniel Salas Dartmouth College
Reed Fischer Drake University
Riley McInerney Eastern Illinois University
Jaime Perales Eastern Kentucky University
Amos Kosgey Eastern Kentucky University
Willy Fink Eastern Michigan University
Nick Raymond Eastern Michigan University
Stanley Linton Florida State University
Frank Lara Furman University
Tanner Hinkle Furman University
Aaron Templeton Furman University
Michael Lederhouse Georgetown University
Matthew Crichlow Gonzaga University
Chartt Miller Iona College
Liam Dee Iona College
Michael O’Dowd Iona College
Gabriel Steffensen Lamar University
Iliass Aouani Lamar University
Alex Dunbar Lamar University
Joe Stewart Miami University (Ohio)
Caleb  Rhynard Michigan State University
Tyler Day Northern Arizona University
Vegard Oelstad Oklahoma State University
Craig Nowak Oklahoma State University
Brian Gohlke Oklahoma State University
Robert Creese Pennsylvania State University
Brett Kelly Princeton University
Steven Sum Princeton University
Matthew McClintock Purdue University
Arsene Guillorel Samford University
Joel Reichow South Dakota State University
Ibrahim Ahmed Southern Utah University
Hayden Hawks Southern Utah University
Grant Fisher Stanford University
Sean McGorty Stanford University
Garrett Sweatt Stanford University
Colin Bennie Syracuse University
Martin Hehir Syracuse University
Christian Farris Texas A&M University, College Station
Sam Peckham U.S. Naval Academy
Hassan Omar UMBC
Kyle Cochrun University of Akron
Clayton Murphy University of Akron
Jack Bruce University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
John Lawson University of California, Berkeley
Ben Saarel University of Colorado, Boulder
Morgan Pearson University of Colorado, Boulder
Eddie Garcia University of Florida
Zack  Sims University of Georgia
Bryan Kamau University of Georgia
Brian Barraza University of Houston
Dylan Lafond University of Illinois, Champaign
Jacob Morgan University of Kansas
Evan Landes University of Kansas
Jacob Thomson University of Kentucky
Edwin  Kibichiy University of Louisville
Japhet Kipkoech University of Louisville
Aaron Baumgarten University of Michigan
Ben Flanagan University of Michigan
Mason Ferlic University of Michigan
Aaron Bartnik University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Adam Zutz University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
MJ Erb University of Mississippi
Craig Engels University of Mississippi
Elmar Engholm University of New Mexico
Bryce McAndrew University of North Texas
Brandon Doughty University of Oklahoma
Travis Neuman University of Oregon
Matthew Melancon University of Oregon
Brendan Smith University of Pennsylvania
Forrest Hangen University of Rochester
Dan Nolte University of Rochester
Jeremy Hassett University of Rochester
Mubarik Musa University of South Dakota
Brady Turnbull University of Texas at Austin
Jacob Pickle University of Texas at Austin
Marc  Scott University of Tulsa
Benjamin Preisner University of Tulsa
Thomas Madden University of Virginia
Chase Weaverling University of Virginia
Morgan McDonald University of Wisconsin, Madison
Aaron Derner University of Wyoming
Robert Denault Villanova University
Kevin  Dooney Yale University
James Randon Yale University



Tristan VanOrd  Appalachian State University
Brenda Kigen Auburn University
Veronica Eder Auburn University
Kigen Brenda Auburn University
Maggie Montoya Baylor University
Peyton Thomas Baylor University
Hannah Wittman Belmont University
Allie Ostrander Boise State University
Brenna Peloquin Boise State University
Minttu Hukka Boise State University
Danielle Winslow Boston College
Isabelle Kennedy Boston College
Rachel Walny Bowling Green State University
Kirsten Busch Bradley University
Carleen Jeffers Brown University
Natalie Schudrowitz Brown University
Taylor Worthy Brown University
Olivia Pratt Butler University
Peyton Bilo California Polytechnic State University
Letitia Saayman Coastal Carolina University
Darby Gilfillan Colorado State University
Natalie Tanner Columbia University
Caroline Kellner Cornell University
Dana Giordano Dartmouth College
Emma Huston Drake University
Jordann McDermitt Eastern Michigan University
Alsu Bogdanova Eastern Michigan University
Sarah Reiter Eastern Washington University
Carmela Cardama Baez Florida State University
Christine Griggs Florida State University
Bridget Blake Florida State University
ALLIE BUCHALSKI Furman University
Andrea Keklak Georgetown University
Audrey Belf Georgetown University
Haley Pierce Georgetown University
Kennedy Weisner Georgetown University
Autumn Eastman Georgetown University
Jessica Mildes Gonzaga University
Shelby Mills Gonzaga University
Courtney Smith Harvard University
Amanda Behnke Indiana University
Abby Caldwell Iowa State University
Andrea Toppin Iowa State University
Kathleen Stewart James Madison University
Morgan Wedekind Kansas State University
Morgan Szekely La Salle University
Verity Ockenden Lamar University
Jannika John Lamar University
Evelyn Chavez Lamar University
Ednah Kurgat Liberty University
Brooke Kingma Lipscomb University
Morgan Schuetz Louisiana State University
Gemma  Bridge McNeese State University
Laura Bess Miami University (Ohio)
Alexis  Wiersma Michigan State University
Shelby Jackson Michigan State University
Katie Landwehr Michigan State University
Cornelia Griesche Mississippi State University
Mia Meydrich Mississippi State University
Rhianwedd Price Mississippi State University
Ryen Frazier North Carolina State University
Erika Kemp North Carolina State University
Rachel Koon North Carolina State University
Erin Teschuk North Dakota State University
Ellen Isaac Ohio University
Natalie Baker Oklahoma State University
Ingeborg Loevnes Oklahoma State University
Molly Sughroue Oklahoma State University
Kaela Edwards Oklahoma State University
Anna Boyert Oklahoma State University
Tessa Barrett Pennsylvania State University
Elizabeth Chikotas Pennsylvania State University
Emily de La Bruyere Princeton University
Lizzie Bird Princeton University
Kathryn Fluehr Princeton University
Lauren Mullins Providence College
Sarah  Collins Providence College
Catarina Rocha Providence College
Katie Lembo Providence College
Hope Schmelzle Purdue University
Katie Hoevet Purdue University
Elsa Racasan Rice University
Cali Roper Rice University
Emily Ritter Rider University
Karoline Skatteboe Southern Methodist University
Sophie Chase Stanford University
Danielle Katz Stanford University
Vanessa Fraser Stanford University
Shelby Pesek Stephen F. Austin State University
Christina Melian Stony Brook University
Cassia Hameline Syracuse University
Margo Malone Syracuse University
Karis Jochen Texas A&M University, College Station
Katelyn  Greenleaf University of Alabama
Hannah Waggoner University of Alabama
Kaitlin Flattmann University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Regan Ward University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Kelsey Schrader University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Valerie Reina University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Kaitlyn Benner University of Colorado, Boulder
Melanie Nun University of Colorado, Boulder
Erin Clark University of Colorado, Boulder
Maddie Alm University of Colorado, Boulder
Maria Larsen University of Florida
Kinsey Gomez University of Idaho
Alyssa Schneider University of Illinois, Champaign
Katy Kunc University of Kentucky
Erin Finn University of Michigan
Anna Pasternak University of Michigan
Sophie Linn University of Michigan
Liz Berkholtz University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Haley Johnson University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Karissa Schweizer University of Missouri
Emily Myers University of Nevada
Laura Rose  Donegan University of New Hampshire
Amber Short University of New Hampshire
Courtney Frerichs University of New Mexico
Rhona Auckland University of New Mexico
Whitney Thornburg University of New Mexico
Molly Renfer University of New Mexico
Calli Thackery University of New Mexico
Hannah Christen University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Josette Norris University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Rachel DaDamio University of Notre Dame
Molly Seidel University of Notre Dame
Waverly Neer University of Oregon
Alli Cash University of Oregon
Molly Grabill University of Oregon
Ashley  Montgomery University of Pennsylvania
Lauren LaRocco University of Portland
Catherine Knox University of Rochester
Anne Peterson University of Rochester
Samantha Kitchen University of Rochester
Anya Joynt University of Rochester
Audrey McCarthy University of Rochester
Victoria Stepanova University of Rochester
Rachel Bargabos University of Rochester
Weronika Pyzik University of San Francisco
Charlotte Taylor University of San Francisco
Elena Burkard University of San Francisco
Joanna McCoy University of South Alabama
Amber Eichkorn University of South Dakota
Teghan Henderson University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Chelsea Blaase University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Hannah Grubb University of Texas at Austin
Mary Beth Hamilton University of Texas at Austin
Sandie Raines University of Texas at Austin
Nicole Lee University of Tulsa
Susannah Hurst University of Utah
Megan Rebholz University of Virginia
Iona Lake University of Virginia
Emily Mulhern University of Virginia
Cleo Boyd University of Virginia
Charlotte Prouse University of Washington
Katie Knight University of Washington
Maddie Meyers University of Washington
Carmen Carlos Vanderbilt University
Sara Tsai Vanderbilt University
Sara Barron Vanderbilt University
Caroline Pietrzyk Vanderbilt University
Vanessa Valentine Vanderbilt University
Isabella Burda Villanova University
Siofra Cleirigh-Buttner Villanova University
Angel Piccirillo Villanova University
Hailey Whetten Weber State University
Savanna  Plombon  West Virginia University
Lindsey Hinken Western Kentucky University
Maria McDaniel Western Michigan University
Frances Schmiede Yale University