Check Out The May 2018 Issue Of Techniques Magazine

Be sure to check out the May 2018 issue of techniques magazine.

This issue has tons of great content from various Track & Field Academy courses, including "The Biomechanics of Hurdling," "Technical Commonalities in the Jumps," "Technical Models for the Glide Shot Put" and more.



The Track & Field Academy is an educational and certification program designed to provide professional development opportunities for Track and Field and Cross Country coaches at all levels of the sport. The mission of the Track & Field Academy is to improve the quality of coaching, increase professional opportunities for coaches, and improve the sports of Track and Field and Cross Country by delivering to coaches educational experiences and certification opportunities covering the technical, managerial, and philosophical aspects of the profession.

The Track & Field Academy accomplishes this mission by offering coaches an organized program of instruction comprised of symposiums, courses, certifications and endorsements, containing diverse offerings addressing all levels and areas of the sport. Courses range from broad-based instruction to highly specific and technical in scope. The Academy’s structure provides rigorous routes to certifications, but also unstructured opportunities for professional improvement. The Track and Field Academy’s mission includes not only educational opportunities in technical coaching, but also learning experiences in program management issues such as academic monitoring, roster management, meet management, equipment, purchasing, budgeting and many more. The program offers many opportunities for continuing education without the need to exit the program once certifications are achieved. The Track & Field Academy is open to both members and non-members of the USTFCCCA.