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NCAA DII XC All-Region

2021 NCAA Division II Cross Country All-Region

NEW ORLEANS – All-Region honorees for the 2021 NCAA Division II Cross Country season were recognized on Monday by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association following Regional Championships Saturday.

A total of 200 men from 81 different programs and 200 women from 94 different programs earned the distinction of All-Region by virtue of a top-25 finish at one of the eight regional sites this past weekend. Only athletes from USTFCCCA member programs are eligible for awards.

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Five teams in the country had all seven of their athletes earn All-Region honors: Augustana (S.D.), Charleston (W.Va.) and Wingate on the men’s side; Augustana (S.D.) and Lee (Tenn.) on the women’s side.

Eight teams totaled six honorees from their respective squads: Adams State, American International, Chico State, Colorado School of Mines, Lee (Tenn.) and Southern Connecticut on the men’s side; Adams State and Queens (N.C.) on the women’s side.

Augustana (S.D.), which swept the team titles in the Central Region, led all programs with 14 total honorees. Lee (Tenn.), which took home both team titles in the South Region, earned 13 total laurels, while Adams State and Wingate both finished with 12 nods.

On the conference level, the RMAC led the way with a combined 45 honored athletes. The Northeast-10 Conference had the second-most athletes honored with 38, while the South Atlantic Conference hauled in 37 plaudits. The Gulf South Conference (32) and the PSAC (30) both finished with 30 or more as well.

Many of these athletes will compete in less than two weeks at the 2021 NCAA Division II Cross Country Championships on Saturday, November 20 in Saint Leo, Florida.

2021 NCAA Division II Cross Country
Men’s & Women’s USTFCCCA All-Region

MENSaba Khvichava Academy of ArtWestPacWest 
MENMitchell Dervin Adams StateSouth CentralRMAC 
MENDavonte Jett-Reynolds Adams StateSouth CentralRMAC 
MENAndrew O'Keefe Adams StateSouth CentralRMAC 
MENMikah Paiz Adams StateSouth CentralRMAC 
MENIsaiah Rodarte Adams StateSouth CentralRMAC 
MENAhmed Sado Adams StateSouth CentralRMAC 
MENAllan Anderson Alabama-HuntsvilleSouthGSC 
MENJacob Bishop Alabama-HuntsvilleSouthGSC 
MENJay Day Alabama-HuntsvilleSouthGSC 
MENAlex Herbst Alabama-HuntsvilleSouthGSC 
MENHarold LaCroix Alabama-HuntsvilleSouthGSC 
MENCole Nash  Alaska AnchorageWestGNAC 
MENJason Beaver American InternationalEastNortheast-10 
MENCallum Elson American InternationalEastNortheast-10 
MENCharles Guigon American InternationalEastNortheast-10 
MENTitus Kiptoo American InternationalEastNortheast-10 
MENGabe Medina American InternationalEastNortheast-10 
MENEzra Mutai American InternationalEastNortheast-10 
MENPhilip Quillen Anderson (S.C.)SoutheastSAC 
MENDaniel Similton Anderson (S.C.)SoutheastSAC 
MENSpain Vaughan Anderson (S.C.)SoutheastSAC 
MENClaudio Rocha AssumptionEastNortheast-10 
MENKai Brickey AugustaSoutheastPBC 
MENChandler Kennedy AugustaSoutheastPBC 
MENHans Troyer AugustaSoutheastPBC 
MENRyan Hartman Augustana (S.D.)CentralNSIC 
MENEvan Johnson Augustana (S.D.)CentralNSIC 
MENHenry Klitzke Augustana (S.D.)CentralNSIC 
MENAlec Kray Augustana (S.D.)CentralNSIC 
MENAustin Miller Augustana (S.D.)CentralNSIC 
MENKray Person Augustana (S.D.)CentralNSIC 
MENMatt Steiger Augustana (S.D.)CentralNSIC 
MENNixon Korir Azusa PacificWestPacWest 
MENJoshua Velasco Azusa PacificWestPacWest 
MENRonald Kigen Biola (Calif.)WestPacWest 
MENKevin Konyar BloomsburgAtlanticPSAC 
MENDiego Duran Cal Poly PomonaWestCCAA 
MENVincent Sarino Cal Poly PomonaWestCCAA 
MENKibrom Elias Cal State San MarcosWestCCAA 
MENShea Vavra Cal State San MarcosWestCCAA 
MENOussama Ajala CatawbaSoutheastSAC 
MENMatthew Fowler CatawbaSoutheastSAC 
MENErick Ramirez-Ramos CatawbaSoutheastSAC 
MEN CedarvilleMidwestG-MAC 
MENIsaiah Kelly CedarvilleMidwestG-MAC 
MENDavid Cecchi Charleston (W.Va.)AtlanticMountain East 
MENCasey Ellis Charleston (W.Va.)AtlanticMountain East 
MENMatthew Forrester Charleston (W.Va.)AtlanticMountain East 
MENKyle Hinson Charleston (W.Va.)AtlanticMountain East 
MENJoao Pereira Charleston (W.Va.)AtlanticMountain East 
MENNoah Revels Charleston (W.Va.)AtlanticMountain East 
MENThomas Termote Charleston (W.Va.)AtlanticMountain East 
MENRory Abberton  Chico StateWestCCAA 
MENOmar Alvarez-Hernandez Chico StateWestCCAA 
MENJack Emanuel Chico StateWestCCAA 
MENCharlie Giannini Chico StateWestCCAA 
MENMatthew Herrera Chico StateWestCCAA 
MENBrayden McLaughlin Chico StateWestCCAA 
MENBerket Mesele Christian BrothersSouthGSC 
MENChris Cathcart Colo. School of MinesSouth CentralRMAC 
MENDuncan Fuehne Colo. School of MinesSouth CentralRMAC 
MENLuke Julian  Colo. School of MinesSouth CentralRMAC 
MENKyle Moran Colo. School of MinesSouth CentralRMAC 
MENJohn O'Malley Colo. School of MinesSouth CentralRMAC 
MENDillon Powell Colo. School of MinesSouth CentralRMAC 
MENTrent Cochran Colorado ChristianSouth CentralRMAC 
MENJosh Pierantoni Colorado ChristianSouth CentralRMAC 
MENRyder Searle Colorado ChristianSouth CentralRMAC 
MENJerod Kuhn  Colorado MesaSouth CentralRMAC 
MENCedric Drennen  ConcordAtlanticMountain East 
MENIsaac Prather ConcordAtlanticMountain East 
MENLogan Zuchelli  ConcordAtlanticMountain East 
MENEmeric Arnaud  Davis and ElkinsAtlanticMountain East 
MENCarter Mckenna  Davis and ElkinsAtlanticMountain East 
MENEric Alu EdinboroAtlanticPSAC 
MENNick Amos EdinboroAtlanticPSAC 
MENCole Hanks EdinboroAtlanticPSAC 
MENJack Lacina EdinboroAtlanticPSAC 
MENWard Ries EdinboroAtlanticPSAC 
MENPaul Kraemer Embry-Riddle (Fla.)SouthSunshine 
MENBrendon Shea Embry-Riddle (Fla.)SouthSunshine 
MENRyan Szklany Embry-Riddle (Fla.)SouthSunshine 
MENLuke Gaddis Emmanuel (Ga.)SoutheastConference Carolinas 
MENDemarco Hernandez Emmanuel (Ga.)SoutheastConference Carolinas 
MENBrandon Martin Emmanuel (Ga.)SoutheastConference Carolinas 
MENMatthew Maki Emporia StateCentralMIAA 
MEN FindlayMidwestG-MAC 
MENNoah Fisher FindlayMidwestG-MAC 
MENAsad Bashir FlaglerSoutheastPBC 
MENMason Jones Florida SouthernSouthSunshine 
MENMitchell Kozik Florida SouthernSouthSunshine 
MENJoshua Wagner Florida SouthernSouthSunshine 
MENRobbie Schmidt Fort Hays StateCentralMIAA 
MENRiley Fenoff Franklin PierceEastNortheast-10 
MENWondu Summa Franklin PierceEastNortheast-10 
MENCody Tallent Franklin PierceEastNortheast-10 
MENBryan Banuelos Fresno PacificWestPacWest 
MENPatrick Kiprop Fresno PacificWestPacWest 
MENXavier Smith Fresno PacificWestPacWest 
MEN Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
MEN Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
MEN Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
MEN Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
MEN Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
MENJesse Becker Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
MENTanner Chada Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
MENCaleb Futter Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
MENJacob Lee Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
MENSamuel Martens Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
MENJona Bodirsky Hawaii PacificWestPacWest 
MEN HillsdaleMidwestG-MAC 
MENAdam Wier HillsdaleMidwestG-MAC 
MEN Illinois-SpringfieldMidwestGLVC 
MEN Illinois-SpringfieldMidwestGLVC 
MENBlake Jones Illinois-SpringfieldMidwestGLVC 
MENWyatt McIntyre Illinois-SpringfieldMidwestGLVC 
MENJoel Beckwith Indiana (Pa.)AtlanticPSAC 
MEN Lake Superior StateMidwestGLIAC 
MENDavid Mitter Lake Superior StateMidwestGLIAC 
MENCaleb Eagleson Lee (Tenn.)SouthGSC 
MENSilas Eckenroad Lee (Tenn.)SouthGSC 
MENEzekiel Harless Lee (Tenn.)SouthGSC 
MENChristian Noble Lee (Tenn.)SouthGSC 
MENAdan Rodriguez Lee (Tenn.)SouthGSC 
MENWill Stone Lee (Tenn.)SouthGSC 
MEN LewisMidwestGLVC 
MEN LewisMidwestGLVC 
MEN LewisMidwestGLVC 
MENAnthony Farmer LewisMidwestGLVC 
MENDustin Macuiba LewisMidwestGLVC 
MENGarrett White LewisMidwestGLVC 
MENKhostofalo Pheko Lincoln MemorialSoutheastSAC 
MEN LindenwoodMidwestGLVC 
MENLouis Moreau LindenwoodMidwestGLVC 
MENGage Krall Lock HavenAtlanticPSAC 
MEN Maryville (Mo.)MidwestGLVC 
MENCaleb Pyle Maryville (Mo.)MidwestGLVC 
MEN Michigan TechMidwestGLIAC 
MENClayton Sayen Michigan TechMidwestGLIAC 
MENMatthew Trutna Minnesota DuluthCentralNSIC 
MENTanner Maier Minnesota StateCentralNSIC 
MENChristian Balcer Mississippi CollegeSouthGSC 
MENBrock Kelly Mississippi CollegeSouthGSC 
MENHunter Kurz Mississippi CollegeSouthGSC 
MENGabe Poulin Mississippi CollegeSouthGSC 
MENJared Ozee Missouri SouthernCentralMIAA 
MENRyan Riddle Missouri SouthernCentralMIAA 
MENSimpson Riley Missouri SouthernCentralMIAA 
MENJP Rutledge Missouri SouthernCentralMIAA 
MENJoseph Leventry MontevalloSouthGSC 
MENMyles Bach Neb.-KearneyCentralMIAA 
MENLuke Stuckey Neb.-KearneyCentralMIAA 
MENAndrew Amor New Mexico HighlandsSouth CentralRMAC 
MENFedrick Kipyego Northwest MissouriCentralMIAA 
MENJacob Nkamasiai Northwest MissouriCentralMIAA 
MEN Northwood (Mich.)MidwestGLIAC 
MENZane Aldrich Northwood (Mich.)MidwestGLIAC 
MENBryce Grahn Pittsburg StateCentralMIAA 
MENMatthew Oglesby Pittsburg StateCentralMIAA 
MENConnar Southard Pittsburg StateCentralMIAA 
MENJan Lukas Becker Queens (N.C.)SoutheastSAC 
MENEric Keogh Queens (N.C.)SoutheastSAC 
MENErick Sanchez Queens (N.C.)SoutheastSAC 
MENJames Betts Roberts WesleyanEastECC 
MENJoshua Johnson Roberts WesleyanEastECC 
MENShane Pease Roberts WesleyanEastECC 
MENLee Sortore Roberts WesleyanEastECC 
MEN Saginaw Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
MEN Saginaw Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
MENCarLee Stimpfel Saginaw Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
MENRyan Talbott Saginaw Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
MENShane Bracken Saint LeoSouthSunshine 
MENArthur Cosson Saint LeoSouthSunshine 
MENHayden Hunt ShippensburgAtlanticPSAC 
MENChayce Macknair ShippensburgAtlanticPSAC 
MENAaron Ahl Simon FraserWestGNAC 
MENScott Arndt Simon FraserWestGNAC 
MENCharlie Dannatt Simon FraserWestGNAC 
MENEthan Brentham Slippery RockAtlanticPSAC 
MENJalen Coleman Southern ConnecticutEastNortheast-10 
MENStephen Fengler Southern ConnecticutEastNortheast-10 
MENChristopher Lebeau Southern ConnecticutEastNortheast-10 
MENJake Mattei Southern ConnecticutEastNortheast-10 
MENTerrell Patterson Southern ConnecticutEastNortheast-10 
MENJonathan Volpe Southern ConnecticutEastNortheast-10 
MEN Southern IndianaMidwestGLVC 
MENNoah Hufnagel Southern IndianaMidwestGLVC 
MENJose Garcia Stanislaus StateWestCCAA 
MENColin Black StonehillEastNortheast-10 
MENShane Braz StonehillEastNortheast-10 
MENAidan Byrne StonehillEastNortheast-10 
MENReilly Johnston StonehillEastNortheast-10 
MENNickolas McNamee StonehillEastNortheast-10 
MENDawson Strom U-MaryCentralNSIC 
MENEvan Graff UC-Colorado SpringsSouth CentralRMAC 
MENMatt Schramm UC-Colorado SpringsSouth CentralRMAC 
MENMark Simmons UC-Colorado SpringsSouth CentralRMAC 
MENAfewerki Zeru UC-Colorado SpringsSouth CentralRMAC 
MENJoshua Chepkesir UNC PembrokeSoutheastConference Carolinas 
MENErik Flores UT Permian BasinSouth CentralLone Star 
MEN WalshMidwestG-MAC 
MEN WalshMidwestG-MAC 
MENHunter Moore WalshMidwestG-MAC 
MENNathan Moore WalshMidwestG-MAC 
MENDavid Kibet WashburnCentralMIAA 
MEN Wayne State (Mich.)MidwestGLIAC 
MEN Wayne State (Mich.)MidwestGLIAC 
MENRansom Allen Wayne State (Mich.)MidwestGLIAC 
MENZac Truman Wayne State (Mich.)MidwestGLIAC 
MENMichael Harriman West Liberty StateAtlanticMountain East 
MENPhilip White West Liberty StateAtlanticMountain East 
MENEzekiel Kipchirchir West Texas A&MSouth CentralLone Star 
MENMichael Grabowski Western ColoradoSouth CentralRMAC 
MENCade Michael Western ColoradoSouth CentralRMAC 
MENMacauley Franks Western WashingtonWestGNAC 
MENJeret Gillingham Western WashingtonWestGNAC 
MENTitouan Le Grix WingateSoutheastSAC 
MENBastian Mrochen WingateSoutheastSAC 
MENFelix Nadeborn WingateSoutheastSAC 
MENScott Nutter WingateSoutheastSAC 
MENYonas Sauers WingateSoutheastSAC 
MENSaul Valdez WingateSoutheastSAC 
MENOliver Way WingateSoutheastSAC 
MENJosh Jarpey Winona StateCentralNSIC 
WOMENDelanie Dykes Academy of ArtWestPacWest 
WOMENHasna Kaarour Academy of ArtWestPacWest 
WOMENNatalia Novak Academy of ArtWestPacWest 
WOMENFranziska Althaus Adams StateSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENFiona Hawkins Adams StateSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENMorgan Hykes Adams StateSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENNicole Lawrence Adams StateSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENPrecious Robinson Adams StateSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENBrianna Robles Adams StateSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENEmily McMurry Alabama-HuntsvilleSouthGSC 
WOMENKaylee Stewart Alabama-HuntsvilleSouthGSC 
WOMENNaomi Bailey AlaskaWestGNAC 
WOMENRosie Fordham AlaskaWestGNAC 
WOMENKendall Kramer AlaskaWestGNAC 
WOMENNancy Jeptoo Alaska AnchorageWestGNAC 
WOMENFransiscah Cherotich American InternationalEastNortheast-10 
WOMENGrace Dervan American InternationalEastNortheast-10 
WOMENMercyline Kimaiyo American InternationalEastNortheast-10 
WOMENKendyl Vermette American InternationalEastNortheast-10 
WOMENHaley Wheeler American InternationalEastNortheast-10 
WOMENWhitney Hanson Anderson (S.C.)SoutheastSAC 
WOMENFaith Nelson Anderson (S.C.)SoutheastSAC 
WOMENOlivia Rish Anderson (S.C.)SoutheastSAC 
WOMENPeri Snow AssumptionEastNortheast-10 
WOMENMackenzie Taylor AugustaSoutheastPBC 
WOMENPJ English Augustana (S.D.)CentralNSIC 
WOMENMegan Means Augustana (S.D.)CentralNSIC 
WOMENRachel Rairdon Augustana (S.D.)CentralNSIC 
WOMENRebekah Rairdon Augustana (S.D.)CentralNSIC 
WOMENMia Salas Augustana (S.D.)CentralNSIC 
WOMENNicolette Schmidt Augustana (S.D.)CentralNSIC 
WOMENHaylee Waterfall Augustana (S.D.)CentralNSIC 
WOMENMikayla Akers Azusa PacificWestPacWest 
WOMENBriseida Garcia Meza Azusa PacificWestPacWest 
WOMENJustine Stecko Azusa PacificWestPacWest 
WOMENLynette Ruiz Biola (Calif.)WestPacWest 
WOMENRuby Lindquist Black Hills StateSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENXiomara Robinson Black Hills StateSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENKathryn Blair BloomsburgAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENNicole Keeley BloomsburgAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENKelley Selheimer BloomsburgAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENChase Worthen Cal State East BayWestCCAA 
WOMENRenee Laurenzana Cal State San MarcosWestCCAA 
WOMENRachel Strayer Carson-NewmanSoutheastSAC 
WOMENMadison Lowery CatawbaSoutheastSAC 
WOMEN CedarvilleMidwestG-MAC 
WOMEN CedarvilleMidwestG-MAC 
WOMENAlayna Ackley CedarvilleMidwestG-MAC 
WOMENBethany Sholl CedarvilleMidwestG-MAC 
WOMENRisper Mengich Central MissouriCentralMIAA 
WOMENMercy Jepleting Charleston (W.Va.)AtlanticMountain East 
WOMENElise Leveel Charleston (W.Va.)AtlanticMountain East 
WOMENMarissa D'Atri Chico StateWestCCAA 
WOMENKatie Hawley Chico StateWestCCAA 
WOMENHannah Ryan Chico StateWestCCAA 
WOMENJohanna Wistokat Christian BrothersSouthGSC 
WOMENHaley Schaller ClarionAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENZoe Baker Colo. School of MinesSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENHeather Keniry  Colo. School of MinesSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENMolly Maksin Colo. School of MinesSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENAlayna Szuch Colo. School of MinesSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENPaige Tack  Colorado ChristianSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENKira MacGill Colorado MesaSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENHannah Altizer  ConcordAtlanticMountain East 
WOMENEmily Wallace ConcordAtlanticMountain East 
WOMENYasmine Hernandez CSU PuebloSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENClaire Pauley CSU PuebloSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENMarcy Colca DaemenEastECC 
WOMENKassandra Nolet DaemenEastECC 
WOMENMadison Brown Dallas BaptistSouth CentralLone Star 
WOMENJulianna Mendez Dominican (Calif.)WestPacWest 
WOMEN DruryMidwestGLVC 
WOMEN DruryMidwestGLVC 
WOMENClaire McCune DruryMidwestGLVC 
WOMENElizabeth Stinson DruryMidwestGLVC 
WOMENAnna Alberti EdinboroAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENSheilah Cheruiyot EdinboroAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENKimberly Goerss EdinboroAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENKate Szep EdinboroAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENUkeyvia Beckwith Embry-Riddle (Fla.)SouthSunshine 
WOMENJenna Ramsey Emporia StateCentralMIAA 
WOMENCarlina Jacquez Fairmont StateAtlanticMountain East 
WOMEN FindlayMidwestG-MAC 
WOMENGabrielle Lawrence FindlayMidwestG-MAC 
WOMENMegan Churchill FlaglerSoutheastPBC 
WOMENJessie Mescal FlaglerSoutheastPBC 
WOMENTherese Schuhenn FlaglerSoutheastPBC 
WOMENEllie Fluman Florida SouthernSouthSunshine 
WOMENBethaney Donnelly Franklin PierceEastNortheast-10 
WOMENMeredith Morse GannonAtlanticPSAC 
WOMEN Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
WOMEN Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
WOMEN Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
WOMEN Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
WOMEN Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
WOMENHannah Becker Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
WOMENTaryn Chapko Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
WOMENLucy Karpukhno Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
WOMENKlaudia O'Malley Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
WOMENKayce Rypma Grand Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
WOMEN HillsdaleMidwestG-MAC 
WOMENLiz Wamsley HillsdaleMidwestG-MAC 
WOMEN Illinois-SpringfieldMidwestGLVC 
WOMENTaryn Christy Illinois-SpringfieldMidwestGLVC 
WOMENErika Moriarty KutztownAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENGrace Adams Lee (Tenn.)SouthGSC 
WOMENLily Hare Lee (Tenn.)SouthGSC 
WOMENAria Hawkins Lee (Tenn.)SouthGSC 
WOMENDanielle Horter Lee (Tenn.)SouthGSC 
WOMENOlivia McLain Lee (Tenn.)SouthGSC 
WOMENToni Moore Lee (Tenn.)SouthGSC 
WOMENCeline Ritter Lee (Tenn.)SouthGSC 
WOMENKylie Dahlberg Lenoir-RhyneSoutheastSAC 
WOMENCaroline Hilliard Lenoir-RhyneSoutheastSAC 
WOMENJanet Kwambai Lenoir-RhyneSoutheastSAC 
WOMEN LewisMidwestGLVC 
WOMEN LewisMidwestGLVC 
WOMEN LewisMidwestGLVC 
WOMENStephanie Jarvis LewisMidwestGLVC 
WOMENAnna Kozak LewisMidwestGLVC 
WOMENKassady Learn LewisMidwestGLVC 
WOMENAmelia Lorrey Lincoln MemorialSoutheastSAC 
WOMEN LindenwoodMidwestGLVC 
WOMENNajwa Chouati LindenwoodMidwestGLVC 
WOMENCadie Kiser Lock HavenAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENMorgan Perry Lock HavenAtlanticPSAC 
WOMEN MaloneMidwestG-MAC 
WOMENMackenna Curtis-Collins MaloneMidwestG-MAC 
WOMENMackenzie Hall Minnesota DuluthCentralNSIC 
WOMENJulia Nielsen Minnesota DuluthCentralNSIC 
WOMENMaddie Verkerke Minnesota DuluthCentralNSIC 
WOMENAmanda Montplaisir Minnesota StateCentralNSIC 
WOMENEmily Berry Mississippi CollegeSouthGSC 
WOMENMadeline Campbell Mississippi CollegeSouthGSC 
WOMENJazmin Hernandez Mississippi CollegeSouthGSC 
WOMENJosie Whipp Mississippi CollegeSouthGSC 
WOMENMadison Nash Missouri WesternCentralMIAA 
WOMENKatie Mohr MolloyEastECC 
WOMENCaroline Cunningham Northwest MissouriCentralMIAA 
WOMENKaylee Harp Northwest MissouriCentralMIAA 
WOMENAmber Owens Northwest MissouriCentralMIAA 
WOMENIvanova Yanes Nova SoutheasternSouthSunshine 
WOMENEmma Downing Oklahoma BaptistCentralGAC 
WOMENDune Costes Palm Beach AtlanticSouthSunshine 
WOMENAllison Seng Palm Beach AtlanticSouthSunshine 
WOMENFatima Alanis Queens (N.C.)SoutheastSAC 
WOMENCherise Carreira Queens (N.C.)SoutheastSAC 
WOMENAnna Janke Queens (N.C.)SoutheastSAC 
WOMENStevie Lawrence Queens (N.C.)SoutheastSAC 
WOMENMadison Synowiec Queens (N.C.)SoutheastSAC 
WOMENMadison Webster Queens (N.C.)SoutheastSAC 
WOMENAcacia Barber Roberts WesleyanEastECC 
WOMENAbigail Gostomski Roberts WesleyanEastECC 
WOMENBailey Gostomski Roberts WesleyanEastECC 
WOMENKylee Odell Roberts WesleyanEastECC 
WOMEN Saginaw Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
WOMENArianna Wegienka Saginaw Valley StateMidwestGLIAC 
WOMENFaye Dervan Saint LeoSouthSunshine 
WOMENTania Jarreau Saint LeoSouthSunshine 
WOMENPaige Patterson Saint LeoSouthSunshine 
WOMENAnnika Esvelt Seattle PacificWestGNAC 
WOMENIsabelle McCabe Seton HillAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENHannah Smrcka Seton HillAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENSydney Wolf Seton HillAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENKyra Gerber ShippensburgAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENIsabelle Gulgert ShippensburgAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENKate Cameron Simon FraserWestGNAC 
WOMENOlivia Willett Simon FraserWestGNAC 
WOMENMarianne Abdalah Slippery RockAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENElizabeth Fengler Southern ConnecticutEastNortheast-10 
WOMENMegan Whitnell Southern ConnecticutEastNortheast-10 
WOMEN Southern IndianaMidwestGLVC 
WOMEN Southern IndianaMidwestGLVC 
WOMEN Southern IndianaMidwestGLVC 
WOMENJennifer Comastri Southern IndianaMidwestGLVC 
WOMENHadley Fisher Southern IndianaMidwestGLVC 
WOMENKara Martin Southern IndianaMidwestGLVC 
WOMENAshley Corcoran Southern New HampshireEastNortheast-10 
WOMENJill Couto Southern New HampshireEastNortheast-10 
WOMENKelsey Seamans Southern New HampshireEastNortheast-10 
WOMEN Southwest BaptistMidwestGLVC 
WOMEN Southwest BaptistMidwestGLVC 
WOMENElysia Burgos Southwest BaptistMidwestGLVC 
WOMENTessa Valdivia Southwest BaptistMidwestGLVC 
WOMENAbagaile Kimbrell St. Thomas AquinasEastECC 
WOMENIris Carrillo Stanislaus StateWestCCAA 
WOMENKaela Dishion Stanislaus StateWestCCAA 
WOMENSabrina Garcia Stanislaus StateWestCCAA 
WOMENRebecca Erhard StonehillEastNortheast-10 
WOMENJillian Howard StonehillEastNortheast-10 
WOMENEmma Lawrence StonehillEastNortheast-10 
WOMENVictoria Lombardi StonehillEastNortheast-10 
WOMENCaitlin Swanson StonehillEastNortheast-10 
WOMENZoe Jarvis TampaSouthSunshine 
WOMENAnna Sentner TampaSouthSunshine 
WOMENAlyssa Becker U-MaryCentralNSIC 
WOMENStarlynn Costa U-MaryCentralNSIC 
WOMENTaylor Hestekin U-MaryCentralNSIC 
WOMENLayla Almasri UC-Colorado SpringsSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENKate Hedlund UC-Colorado SpringsSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENRiley McGrath UC-Colorado SpringsSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENErman Jepleting UNC PembrokeSoutheastConference Carolinas 
WOMENAngela Cipriani Valdosta StateSouthGSC 
WOMEN WalshMidwestG-MAC 
WOMEN WalshMidwestG-MAC 
WOMENAlex Bauer WalshMidwestG-MAC 
WOMENAlexa Leppelmeier WalshMidwestG-MAC 
WOMENSierra Mortensen WashburnCentralMIAA 
WOMENSarah Supplee West ChesterAtlanticPSAC 
WOMENHannah Kemp West Liberty StateAtlanticMountain East 
WOMENEleonora Curtabbi West Texas A&MSouth CentralLone Star 
WOMENFlorance Uwajeneza West Texas A&MSouth CentralLone Star 
WOMENAllison Beasley Western ColoradoSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENKatie Doucette Western ColoradoSouth CentralRMAC 
WOMENLuz Garcia Western OregonWestGNAC 
WOMENCaitlin Heldt Western OregonWestGNAC 
WOMENSaydi Anderson Westminster (Utah)South CentralRMAC 
WOMENTatjana Mense WingateSoutheastSAC 
WOMENLara Orrock WingateSoutheastSAC 
WOMENGemma Rebollo WingateSoutheastSAC 
WOMENMollie Scott WingateSoutheastSAC 
WOMENLauryn Tumey WingateSoutheastSAC 
WOMENLindsay Cunningham Winona StateCentralNSIC 
WOMENMcKenna Taylor Winona StateCentralNSIC