2020 NCAA Division I Women’s Track & Field All-Academic Teams

NEW ORLEANS – All-Academic Teams for the 2020 NCAA Division I Women’s Track & Field season were announced on Thursday by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).

Overall, there were 264 different programs honored for their academic excellence.

No program had a better cumulative GPA than Iona at 3.87. In fact, the Gaels had the best cumulative GPA out of any NCAA team honored, regardless of division or gender.

Here is the criteria for being named an All-Academic Team.

Division I Track & Field All-Academic Teams

  • The cumulative GPA (not 2018-19 academic year, not semester) for all student-athletes on the institution’s NCAA Squad List for Indoor and/or Outdoor Track and Field must be 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale, including the most recent grading period, certifiable by either NCAA Faculty Rep or NCAA Compliance Coordinator or Registrar’s Office. Institutions utilizing a different GPA scale must convert the GPA to a 4.0 scale using the standard conversion method [GPA/Scale x 4.0].
  • The cumulative GPA of all student-athletes on the institution’s NCAA Squad List for Indoor and/or Outdoor Track and Field must be computed by the following method:
  1. Total the cumulative number of semester hours or quarter hours earned for all student-athletes on the NCAA Squad List, including the most recent grading period;
  2. Total the cumulative number of quality points (GPA multiplied by the number of credit hours) earned by all student-athletes on the NCAA Squad List, including the most recent grading period;
  3. Divide the cumulative number of quality points earned by the cumulative number of semester or quarter hours earned.

2020 NCAA Division I Track & Field
Women’s All-Academic Teams

GenderInstitutionGPAHead Coach
WOMENAbilene Christian University3.43Jerrod CookE
WOMENU.S. Air Force Academy3.05Ralph LindemanE
WOMENUniversity of Akron3.522Dennis MitchellE
WOMENUniversity of Alabama3.59Dan WatersE
WOMENAlabama State University3.369Ritchie BeeneE
WOMENUniversity at Albany3.16Roberto VivesE
WOMENAmerican University3.75Sean GrahamE
WOMENAppalachian State University3.42Damion McLeanE
WOMENUniversity of Arizona3.428Fred HarveyE
WOMENUniversity of Arkansas, Fayetteville3.491Lance HarterE
WOMENArkansas State University3.49Jim PatchellE
WOMENU.S. Military Academy3.22Michael SmithE
WOMENAustin Peay State University3.25Valerie BrownE
WOMENBall State University3.454Brian EtelmanE
WOMENBaylor University3.7Todd HarbourE
WOMENBelmont University3.558Jeff LangdonE
WOMENBethune-Cookman University3.09Donald CooperE
WOMENBinghamton University3.66Mike ThompsonE
WOMENBoise State University3.575Corey IhmelsE
WOMENBoston College3.74Randy ThomasE
WOMENBoston University3.44Gabe Sanders & Paul SpanglerE
WOMENBowling Green State University3.434Lou SnellingE
WOMENBradley University3.488Darren GausonE
WOMENBryant University3.48Mitchell SwitzerE
WOMENUniversity at Buffalo, the State University of New York3.45Victoria MitchellE
WOMENButler University3.667Matthew RoeE
WOMENBrigham Young University3.42Ed EyestoneE
WOMENCalifornia Polytechnic State University3.26Mark ConoverE
WOMENUniversity of California, Berkeley3.42Robyne JohnsonE
WOMENCalifornia Baptist University3.726Adam TribbleE
WOMENUniversity of Central Arkansas3.45Richard MartinE
WOMENCentral Connecticut State University3.19Eric BlakeE
WOMENCentral Michigan University3.486Jenny SwietonE
WOMENCharleston Southern University3.36Soyini ThompsonE
WOMENThe University of North Carolina at Charlotte3.381Bob OlesenE
WOMENUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga3.7946Andy MeyerE
WOMENUniversity of Cincinnati3.555Susan SeatonE
WOMENClemson University3.45Mark ElliottE
WOMENCleveland State University3.35Amber WilliamsE
WOMENCoastal Carolina University3.264Sandra FowlerE
WOMENCollege of Charleston (South Carolina)3.42Amy SeagoE
WOMENUniversity of Colorado, Boulder3.384Mark WetmoreE
WOMENColorado State University3.25Brian BedardE
WOMENColumbia University-Barnard College3.32Dan IrelandE
WOMENUniversity of Connecticut3.6Gregory RoyE
WOMENCornell University3.48Mike HendersonE
WOMENCalifornia State University, Bakersfield3.15Marcia Mansur-WentworthE
WOMENDartmouth College3.45Sandra Ford-CentonzeE
WOMENDavidson College3.48Jen StraubE
WOMENUniversity of Dayton3.5788Jason OrdwayE
WOMENUniversity of Delaware3.319Wendy McFarlaneE
WOMENDePaul University3.638Dave DopekE
WOMENUniversity of Detroit Mercy3.5Guy MurrayE
WOMENDrake University3.53Asha GibsonE
WOMENDuke University3.549Shawn WilbournE
WOMENEast Carolina University3.43Curt KraftE
WOMENEastern Illinois University3.45Brenton EmanuelE
WOMENEastern Kentucky University3.67Cory ErdmannE
WOMENEastern Michigan University3.54Sue ParksE
WOMENEastern Washington University3.48Marcia MecklenburgE
WOMENElon University3.437Mark EllistonE
WOMENEast Tennessee State University3.295George WattsE
WOMENUniversity of Evansville3.43Don WaltersE
WOMENFairleigh Dickinson University, Metropolitan Campus3.46Sharlene Milwood-LeeE
WOMENUniversity of Florida3.25Mike HollowayE
WOMENFlorida A&M University3.27Nadia Alexander-PompeyE
WOMENFlorida Atlantic University3.508Alex SmolkaE
WOMENFlorida International University3.36Ryan HeberlingE
WOMENFlorida State University3.487Bob BramanE
WOMENFordham University3.445Brian HorowitzE
WOMENCalifornia State University, Fresno3.34Jason DrakeE
WOMENFurman University3.472Robert GaryE
WOMENGardner-Webb University3.44Brian BakerE
WOMENGeorge Mason University3.51Andrew GerardE
WOMENGeorge Washington University3.64Terry WeirE
WOMENGeorgetown University3.353Julie CulleyE
WOMENUniversity of Georgia3.44Petros KyprianouE
WOMENGeorgia State University3.5Kyle J. StevensonE
WOMENGeorgia Institute of Technology3.23Alan DroskyE
WOMENGonzaga University3.58Jake StewartE
WOMENGrand Canyon University3.337Tom FloodE
WOMENUniversity of Hartford3.34Stacie WentzE
WOMENHarvard University3.569Jason SaretskyE
WOMENUniversity of Hawaii, Manoa3.38Tim BoyceE
WOMENHigh Point University3.46Mike EspositoE
WOMENUniversity of Houston3.63Leroy BurrellE
WOMENHouston Baptist University3.34Theresa FuquaE
WOMENHoward University3.08David OliverE
WOMENUniversity of Idaho3.74Tim CawleyE
WOMENIdaho State University3.4Hillary MerkleyE
WOMENUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign3.38Mike TurkE
WOMENUniversity of Illinois at Chicago3.076Ashley LucasE
WOMENIllinois State University3.41Jeff BoveeE
WOMENUniversity of the Incarnate Word3.55Derek RiedelE
WOMENIndiana University, Bloomington3.598Ron HelmerE
WOMENIndiana State University3.4291Angela MartinE
WOMENIona College3.87Joe PientaE
WOMENUniversity of Iowa3.32Joey WoodyE
WOMENIowa State University3.58Martin SmithE
WOMENIndiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis3.59Antonio McDanielE
WOMENJacksonville University3.464Ron GriggE
WOMENJames Madison University3.159Ron McCownE
WOMENUniversity of Kansas3.43Stanley RedwineE
WOMENKansas State University3.59Cliff RoveltoE
WOMENKennesaw State University3.21Cale McDanielE
WOMENKent State University3.55Bill LawsonE
WOMENKent State University3.55Bill LawsonE
WOMENUniversity of Kentucky3.358Lonnie GreeneE
WOMENLa Salle University3.41Thomas PetersonE
WOMENLafayette College3.603Michele CurcioE
WOMENLamar University3.093Trey ClarkE
WOMENLehigh University3.68Matt UteschE
WOMENLiberty University3.43Brant TolsmaE
WOMENLipscomb University3.64Nicholas PolkE
WOMENLong Island University3.427Simon HodnettE
WOMENLong Beach State University3.173Andy SytheE
WOMENLouisiana Tech University3.407Gary StanleyE
WOMENUniversity of Louisville3.42Dale CowperE
WOMENLoyola University Maryland3.647Amy HorstE
WOMENLoyola Marymount University3.46Scott GuerreroE
WOMENLoyola University Chicago3.57Bob ThurnhofferE
WOMENLouisiana State University3.18Dennis ShaverE
WOMENManhattan College3.38Matt CentrowitzE
WOMENMarquette University3.549Bert RogersE
WOMENUniversity of Maryland, College Park3.346Andrew ValmonE
WOMENMcNeese State University3.56Brendon GilroyE
WOMENUniversity of Memphis3.64Kevin RobinsonE
WOMENMercer University3.49Roosevelt LoftonE
WOMENUniversity of Miami (Florida)3.264Amy DeemE
WOMENMiami University (Ohio)3.72Thomas ChornyE
WOMENUniversity of Michigan3.299James Henry / Jerry ClaytonE
WOMENMichigan State University3.47Walter DrenthE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee3.55Andrew BaslerE
WOMENUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities3.53Matt BingleE
WOMENMississippi State University3.69Chris WoodsE
WOMENUniversity of Missouri, Columbia3.44Brett HalterE
WOMENMissouri State University3.43Jordan FifeE
WOMENMonmouth University3.32Mike NelsonE
WOMENUniversity of Montana3.44Brian SchweyenE
WOMENMontana State University-Bozeman3.66Lyle WeeseE
WOMENMorgan State University3.252Neville G. Hodge, Sr.E
WOMENMount St. Mary's University3.3134Jay PhillipsE
WOMENMurray State University3.17Adam KieslerE
WOMENNorth Carolina State University3.284Laurie HenesE
WOMENUniversity of Nebraska, Lincoln3.525Gary PepinE
WOMENUniversity of Nevada, Reno3.668Shantel TwiggsE
WOMENUniversity of New Hampshire3.7Casey CarrollE
WOMENUniversity of New Mexico3.36Joe FranklinE
WOMENNew Mexico State University3.35Doug ReynoldsE
WOMENUniversity of New Orleans3.112Brian JohnsonE
WOMENNicholls State University3.05Stefanie SlekisE
WOMENNew Jersey Institute of Technology3.384Adalberto AlonsoE
WOMENNorfolk State University3.19Kenneth GilesE
WOMENUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill3.268Chris MiltenbergE
WOMENUniversity of North Dakota3.605Christine EngelE
WOMENNorth Dakota State University3.605Stevie KellerE
WOMENUniversity of North Florida3.651Jeff PiggE
WOMENUniversity of North Texas3.39Carl SheffieldE
WOMENNortheastern University3.519Tramaine ShawE
WOMENNorthern Arizona University3.47Mike SmithE
WOMENUniversity of Northern Colorado3.27Wayne AngelE
WOMENNorthern Illinois University3.135Connie TeaberryE
WOMENUniversity of Northern Iowa3.34Dave PaulsenE
WOMENNorthern Kentucky University3.56Steve KruseE
WOMENUniversity of Notre Dame3.477Matt SparksE
WOMENOakland University3.39Paul RiceE
WOMENOhio University3.426Clay CalkinsE
WOMENUniversity of Oklahoma3.41Tim LangfordE
WOMENOklahoma State University3.55Dave SmithE
WOMENUniversity of Mississippi3.43Connie Price-SmithE
WOMENUniversity of Nebraska Omaha3.35Chris RichardsonE
WOMENUniversity of Oregon3.21Robert JohnsonE
WOMENUniversity of Pennsylvania3.46Steve DolanE
WOMENPennsylvania State University3.38John GondakE
WOMENUniversity of Pittsburgh3.256Alonzo WebbE
WOMENUniversity of Portland3.64Ian SolofE
WOMENPortland State University3.6David HepburnE
WOMENPrinceton University3.483Michelle EisenreichE
WOMENProvidence College3.49Ray TreacyE
WOMENPurdue University3.28Norbert ElliottE
WOMENQuinnipiac University3.68Carolyn MartinE
WOMENRadford University3.6Shelli SayersE
WOMENUniversity of Rhode Island3.61Laurie Feit-MelnickE
WOMENRice University3.61Jim BevanE
WOMENUniversity of Richmond3.46Lori TaylorE
WOMENRider University3.37Bob HamerE
WOMENRobert Morris University3.405Bryan DelsiteE
WOMENRutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick3.33Robert FarrellE
WOMENSacred Heart University3.61Christian MorrisonE
WOMENSaint Francis University (Pennsylvania)3.569Douglas E. HooverE
WOMENSaint Joseph's University3.4Melody O'ReillyE
WOMENSaint Louis University3.52Jon BellE
WOMENSam Houston State University3.18David SelfE
WOMENSamford University3.63Rod TiffinE
WOMENSan Diego State University3.25Shelia BurrellE
WOMENUniversity of San Francisco3.61Pat McCurryE
WOMENSan Jose State University3.111Kendra Reimer-GonzalesE
WOMENSanta Clara University3.421Felipe MontoroE
WOMENSeattle University3.467Kelly SullivanE
WOMENSiena College3.48John KenworthyE
WOMENSouthern Methodist University3.4'A Havahla HaynesE
WOMENUniversity of South Alabama3.402Paul BrueskeE
WOMENUniversity of South Carolina, Columbia3.563Curtis FryeE
WOMENUniversity of South Dakota3.65Lucky HuberE
WOMENSouth Dakota State University3.582Rod DeHavenE
WOMENSoutheast Missouri State University3.608Eric CrumpeckerE
WOMENSoutheastern Louisiana University3.03Corey MistrettaE
WOMENUniversity of Southern California3.26Caryl Smith GilbertE
WOMENSouthern Illinois University at Carbondale3.43Rosalind JosephE
WOMENThe University of Southern Mississippi3.468Jon StuartE
WOMENSouthern Utah University3.388Eric HouleE
WOMENSt. John's University (New York)3.5James HurtE
WOMENSt. Mary's College of California3.34Marty KinseyE
WOMENStanford University3.58J.J. ClarkE
WOMENStephen F. Austin State University3.1Philip B. OlsonE
WOMENStony Brook University3.4Andy RonanE
WOMENSyracuse University3.455Brien BellE
WOMENTexas Christian University3.135Darryl AndersonE
WOMENTemple University3.4Elvis FordeE
WOMENUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville3.32Beth Alford-SullivanE
WOMENUniversity of Texas at Austin3.4Edrick FloréalE
WOMENTexas A&M University, College Station3.204Pat HenryE
WOMENTexas A&M University-Corpus Christi3.33Brent EricksenE
WOMENTexas State University-San Marcos3.32Jody StewartE
WOMENTexas Tech University3.28Wes KittleyE
WOMENTowson University3.23Mike JacksonE
WOMENTulane University3.77Eric PetersonE
WOMENThe University of Tulsa3.438Steve GulleyE
WOMENUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham3.625Kurt ThomasE
WOMENUniversity of California, Davis3.495Ngoni MakushaE
WOMENUniversity of California, Irvine3.44Jeff PerkinsE
WOMENUniversity of California, Riverside3.193Nate BrowneE
WOMENUniversity of Central Florida3.38Dana BooneE
WOMENUniversity of California, Los Angeles3.26Avery AndersonE
WOMENUniversity of Louisiana at Monroe3.21J. D. MaloneE
WOMENUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst3.536Julie LaFreniereE
WOMENUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell3.508Gary GardnerE
WOMENUniversity of North Carolina Asheville3.359Danny WilliamsonE
WOMENUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington3.599Jeffrey KlavesE
WOMENThe University of North Carolina at Greensboro3.5Chad PearsonE
WOMENUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas3.192Yvonne WadeE
WOMENUniversity of South Carolina Upstate3.28Carson BlackwelderE
WOMENUniversity of Texas at Arlington3.1John SauerhageE
WOMENUniversity of Utah3.57Kyle KeplerE
WOMENUtah State University3.6Matt IngebritsenE
WOMENUtah Valley University3.45Scott HouleE
WOMENUniversity of Texas at El Paso3.16Mika LaaksonenE
WOMENThe University of Texas Rio Grande Valley3.08Darren FlowersE
WOMENVanderbilt University3.667Steve KeithE
WOMENVirginia Commonwealth University3.64Jon RileyE
WOMENUniversity of Vermont3.53Matt BelfieldE
WOMENVillanova University3.66Gina ProcaccioE
WOMENUniversity of Virginia3.225Vin LanannaE
WOMENVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University3.34Dave CianelliE
WOMENUniversity of Washington3.32Maurica PowellE
WOMENWashington State University3.51Wayne PhippsE
WOMENWest Virginia University3.75Sean ClearyE
WOMENWestern Illinois University3.527Diane WholeyE
WOMENWestern Kentucky University3.25Brent ChumbleyE
WOMENWichita State University3.44Steve RainboltE
WOMENCollege of William and Mary3.39Alex HeacockE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison3.331Mick ByrneE
WOMENWofford College3.62Johnny BomarE
WOMENUniversity of Wyoming3.656Bryan BerryhillE
WOMENXavier University3.7Ryan OrnerE
WOMENYale University3.58David ShoehalterE
WOMENYoungstown State University3.5Brian GorbyE